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women use vr google

How Important is Technology in Education

by | Sep 16, 2022 | 0 comments

women use vr google
Women use vr google

In the advanced world of today, technology plays a vital role in every field. Education, especially, is one of those fields that have undergone a magical transformation, thanks to the sophistication that it has witnessed in technological development. Technology not only helps students learn better than ever, but it also helps teachers impart learning effectively.

In this article, let us see the importance of technology in education in the current scenario, and how it has changed the way education happens today.

Easier access to learning resources

With technology being introduced, children (across all ages) find it easy to get all their learning resources in one place. Students find it interesting and engaging to connect with their teachers on smartphones or tablets. By nature, kids are quite comfortable handling electronic gadgets. 

Therefore, they can easily navigate through the pages of their educational material. With the help of the latest technology, online learning helps them multi-task and concentrate on their classes very well.

Helps to improve the overall learning experience

Teachers have to rely only on blackboards and textbooks to teach the kids in a traditional classroom session. The practical lessons are limited to what is being done in the school labs. However, with online education, there are a lot of scopes to stretch the boundaries. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to incorporating new techniques in teaching. Teachers can make use of virtual reality and artificial intelligence to help the kids understand the concepts well.  Thanks to these interesting techniques of teaching, kids show a lot of interest in learning. Therefore, their knowledge retention capacity is far greater in online education when compared to traditional learning methods.

Excellent interaction and collaboration

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With online education, students don’t feel apprehensive about voicing their doubts. Teachers also feel comfortable about the fact that they can test the knowledge of kids immediately with the help of online quizzes, polls, interactive questionnaires, and games. Students get their queries answered quickly; thus, they become confident and independent in online learning modules.

Another reason why technology is important in education today is it encourages collaborative learning among students. Technology paves the way for students to participate in projects along with other students. It encourages teamwork in them and teaches them to collaborate with the rest of the students. Students and teachers can learn communication, leadership problem-solving, and presentation skills thanks to technology. All of these will help them in their overall career progress as well.

Reduces the pressure on students

With the help of technology, students can learn patiently. If they face difficulties understanding certain concepts, they can revisit recorded lectures and spend more time learning them. They can also research as much as they want on a specific topic, to get into the details and clear their doubts. 

There is no pressure on them to understand a concept within an allotted time, like in traditional classrooms. Even differently-abled kids can stand to gain a lot with the help of technological advancements in the field of education.

Access to the latest information possible

With the advent of technology, teachers and students can get access to the latest technology. They don’t have to rely on the information printed in textbooks anymore. Amendment in certain laws, the introduction of new rules, changes or deletions of certain policies, and any other recent changes can be easily accessed with technology’s help. 

So, people get to understand all the latest information that’s there about any given topic. This improved knowledge helps them to face the world with new-found confidence.

Personalized attention possible

It is difficult for teachers to give personal attention to all the kids while teaching in a traditional classroom setting. However, with online learning, the teachers have enough time to check if each and every kid has understood. They find time to appreciate the deserving kids. They also spend a considerable amount of time teaching difficult concepts, if kids cannot follow them. 

When they don’t find enthusiastic participation from the kids, teachers have the flexibility to introduce new tools like presentations, videos, practical experiments, and many more to make the topics interesting and engaging for the kids. Usually, we don’t find this flexibility and personalized attention in the traditional methods of learning.

Teachers and students can set their goals in a structured pattern with the help of technology. They can monitor these goals regularly. Teachers can give constructive feedback frequently to students, which helps to improve the transparency in their relationship.

Increased responsibility among students

We cannot deny the fact that digital learning has helped students become more responsible than ever. They know where the resources are, and how to navigate to access them. They go through the learning material, rewind or pause, wherever necessary, take notes, and proceed with lectures or notes again. They watch videos and other online tutorials to get clarity about complex concepts.

Today, flipped classrooms are quite popular. In this technique, students get access to online material outside their classroom sessions. Teachers encourage them to understand these online courses and apply their learning in the classrooms as well. Since students get to learn at their own pace, they are in full control of their learning process.

Sophisticated tools that enrich the learning experience

The advent of technology in education has helped to improve the overall learning experience of students. There are quite a few sophisticated tools used in digital learning modules to impart learning to kids. These tools include artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, 3D printing, smartboards, and game-based learning. 

Out of these tools, studies have proved that students love game-based learning modules, as they help the kids enjoy the learning process. More than 65% of students felt that they could learn better with game-based online courses than with traditional courses.

As you can see, technology is here to stay in all fields, especially education. It not only helps to improve the knowledge of teachers and students but also widens their learning scope so that they become better personalities. When used correctly and responsibly, technology has the power to bring about phenomenal improvements in education.

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