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How Do Parents Deal With This Pandemic?

by | Sep 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Parenting book
Parenting Book

Education nowadays faces more challenging issues with uncertainty. Learning that should be happening at school with teachers is forced to hold at home through online learning. Home now becomes a very significant room for everyone. Before the pandemic, we tend to spend most of our time outside. Working, studying, and even eating, we enjoyed doing all of that stuff outside of the home.

When suddenly something happens and everyone is not allowed to do everything so freely like before, we face uneasy situations at home. Working, learning, and shopping is done online from home.   Parents who usually share the responsibility to educate their children with the teachers, suddenly get frustrated when they are left alone to do all this responsibility. They should spend some time accompanying their children to do online learning. Some parents are struggling to teach their own children and causing more problems in the family than before. This situation is uncertain for everybody, from adults and children. Some adults are also struggling with their own works which are starting to be more digital and take some time for adults to adapt to technology.

At the same time, online learning is also happening at home. For the adults in the house, trying to do their own jobs while helping children with online learning has become one of the most challenging work to do in this pandemic. Some parents find it is a nightmare to work at home when children are around. This situation really affects all people physically and psychologically. Of course, it forces us to do something to adapt to the situation.  Here are some ideas of what we can do to get along with the circumstances. 

Changing our mindset 

When we don’t have the power to change something that is happening, then it’s our way to see it that we should change. Our point of view is really important to shape what we see. Changing the way we see the problem will help us to have another opportunity to deal with it. We should have a new mindset that we are facing a crisis now. Every crisis has to be dealt with with a different approach. Keep forcing us to solve the crisis with the same action that we do won’t help us to get better. It will create more frustration because what we do cannot bring any improvement. Therefore, we need to change our mindset.

This uncommon circumstance needs to be dealt with with uncommon action. We should stop doing the same things that we used to do to solve this problem. We should try to take a new approach and explore other options. Keep denying and do not want to change will not be a solution. It is time to look at online learning as another option for education. 

Embracing the moment and making use of it 

Instead of blaming the situation, it is better for us to take time to reflect and take a positive thing from this situation. Maybe before the pandemic, we are too busy with our work and cannot spend proper time with family. Then, this time can take a moment to create good memories with our family. Thinking about some activities that can be done together as a family.  Taking time to talk and get to know our children better. Spending time with family helps create a better life for us and our children. Our children need a sense of belonging and security, as they need to feel they have people they can turn to and look up to, for advice and role models.  Spending family time together produces a deep and strong, family bond. 

We might have to manage our schedule again. There should be a new habit that we should start. There are also some habits that we have to stop. We can start a new lifestyle in the family and manage the new adaptation for every member of the family. We can plan a family picnic on the weekend,  do gardening to decorate our home, or do other fun activities at home. Take time also to be more aware of online learning. As parents, we can use online learning also as media to educate ourselves with some new skills. 

Open ourselves to new opportunities to try new things and learn 

Maybe these days we feel stuck, bored,  frustrated, and unsure about what is happening, but staying silent and doing nothing is also not a good solution.  Look for opportunities to learn new things and get improved. We can list some skills that are necessary for us to deal with the situation. We can do online learning through social media,  joining webinars and online classes.

We also need to explore new opportunities to be a teacher for our children.  Setting the time to talk with their teachers and ask for advice about how to start the lesson with the children. Getting more engaged with them, talking to them often, and trying to understand their feelings is the first step to helping our children. 

We can start by discussing things with them or playing games. There are learning opportunities all around us if we look for them. We can play around the kitchen and teach our preschool children about colors and things around the kitchen. We can play a home scavenger hunt,  asking the kids to find an item in a home that has different shapes or colors. Moreover, we can also cook together. We can involve the children in cooking by asking them to measure, mix or cut something. Even making orange juice also has changed for children to learn about states of matter, solid, liquid, and gas. 

Starting a new routine and taking advantage of online resources

The new routine is important to do and it is necessary to involve the children in the planning. Take time to talk as a family and arrange the new routine that should be done in the family. Though the lesson is done at home, we also need to set a schedule for them to focus on their lesson. More research showed that people tend to be more focused in the morning hour. Then help the children to keep up with their learning and accompany them to learn. We need to consider also that the children’s concentration span is different based on their ages. The younger learners have a short attention span.

Therefore it is important to create short but meaningful exercises with them. Children love surprises. We can plan to make one for them and make learning more fun at home. Moreover, there are also more online resources that we can use.  Their various companies are offering free online educational activities and resources. Find more educational games, online resources, and online learning to enrich our learning activities with our children. People start to develop more online learning which can help children to learn better. Parents can check on some online learning that is provided and arrange the activities with their children. 

When parents are involved actively in their children’s education, children will better progress with their school work and grow well social-emotional stage. It might take more time to adapt and learn but it is worth a try. Taking time to be more engaged in our children’s lives and mentoring them to be better people. Investing our time in our children’s development and learning is the best investment that we can as parents. 

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