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10 Ways to Improve Your Creative Thinking

Sep 16, 2022 | Self Improvement

improve your creative thinking

Creative thinking is a way of thinking in which an individual starts thinking in the most non-traditional way. In this type of thinking, the individual’s perspectives are very different, thus creating the creative aspect of the thinking process. A creative thinker should have a very open mind to think about the most unimaginable and impossible ideas. He needs to think out of the box to arrive at truly spectacular and innovative thoughts. 

A structured or unstructured process can stimulate creative thinking. The structured process can be through a technique called lateral thinking and the unstructured process can be through brainstorming. In the following paragraphs, let us get to know the different ways one can improve their creative thinking.

  1. Magic of colors blue and green for creative thinking

The colors blue and green are considered great boosters for creative thinking. This might be true because a lot of art is inspired by nature. Nature, in turn, is predominantly full of shades of these two colors from the shrubbery to trees to the vast blue sky. 

Blue color helps in enhancing the creative performance of a person. The green color helps in enhancing one’s performance related to a detail-oriented task. So, if you want to think creatively, paint a part of your home in hues of blue and green. Think from there to get naturally creative.

  1. Sleep and the effect it has on creative thinking

The dreams that you have during your sleep, can help you create a masterpiece. All you need to do is work on your dream and put your heart & soul into it. The images in your dreams are hard to remember vividly; hence, it is best to create a rough sketch or note of whatever you visualize in the sleepy state, as soon as you wake up. 

This waking-up state is called the hypnopompic state. Whenever we wake up out of a REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep, the images from the dream will end up lingering for a while. 

  1. Creative thinking through connecting dots

Many people confuse the creative thinking process with that the process of coming up with original ideas. Creative thinking does not necessarily mean coming up with original ideas. It only means coming up with new thoughts, which could be from existing ideas, too. The thought that creative thinking should produce original ideas might scare people and hinder the creative thinking process as a whole. 

  1. Exercise and its impact on creative thinking

Physical exercise is very helpful to people in more than one way. Regular exercises help people to have a clear mind, which will help in their creative thinking process.  A survey was done recently with two groups of people. One group contained people who exercised before certain tasks, whereas the other group contained people who didn’t. The survey results proved that people who exercised regularly could perform better at the tasks assigned than people who didn’t exercise. 

  1. Wandering and a relaxed mind can result in creative thoughts

The person’s mind has to wander for the person to have a pleasant creative thinking experience. Many of us identify ourselves as morning larks and night owls. These peak hours may be relevant for analytical thinking. Creative thinking, on the other hand, happens mostly during the non-optimal hours of the day. Thus it is a very easy-flowing way of thinking. 

Analytical problem solving requires a person’s mind to be very attentive and fixated. This is not the case with creative thinking because one can let the mind go on tangents and still have creative thinking.

  1. Traveling and creative thinking

A study conducted proved that people who traveled to a different country scored better on a creative thinking test than that person who stayed on their own campus and took the test. This may be because of the fact that the mind is exposed to new information and visual images from a new destination. Hence, the human mind performs highly in the creative thinking department. This might also be possible if a person travels inside the same country, especially, if that country has a diverse culture, with each state being drastically different from one another. 

  1. Ambient noise levels for creative thinking

One would think that the brain functions at its optimum level when there is complete silence. However, that is not true when it comes to creative thinking, because creative thinking needs ambient noise levels. Silence is preferred only for tasks that need focus, and that is detail-oriented. 

  1. Dim lighting and how it helps creative thinking

The fact that dim lighting would induce creative thinking could be surprising to many.  Six studies done around the world have provided us with the results that dim lighting had the potential to induce a person to have many creative ideas. On the other hand, a brightly lit place didn’t encourage the human mind to think creatively. People reasoned this to the fact that the subconscious mind might have a feeling of being free to wander and explore when the lights were dim.  

  1. Creative thinking thrives when there are constraints placed

The idea that putting constraints could improve creative thinking might sound absurd. However, this has proven to be a very fruitful way to enhance and enrich one’s creative thinking. As much as freedom leads to creative ideas, constraints also lead to an effective and positive process of creating innovative ideas. 

  1. A messy desk and its effect on creative thinking

A messy desk is not something that people are alien to. Everyone has had a messy desk that overflowed with stuff, at one point or the other. Studies have shown that a messy desk could encourage the creative thinking process. As weird as it may sound, an unorganized desk does help one to think creatively and innovatively.

Creative thinking is a very free-flowing kind of thinking and is easily induced by some of the things that we least expect. It is up to us to find the spark and channel our minds into thinking out of the box, whenever we have the chance. 

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