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12 Ways to Become a Creative Teacher

by | Sep 16, 2022 | 0 comments

creative teacher
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In the changing world of today, technology has started to dominate almost all fields, including education. With new educational tools and trends being introduced every day, it is only natural that teachers build their creativity in their classrooms. If you are a teacher, now is the right time to introduce innovations in your teaching methodology to captivate your students.

Listed below are 12 ways to help you master the art of becoming a creative teacher quicker than you expected.

  1. Expertise in the subject

You may be pleasantly surprised to know that the more knowledgeable you are on the subject, the more creative you can become in the classroom. Creativity comes from confidence. To be confident while teaching, you need to know exactly what you will teach your students. So, do enough homework and study a lot of material before you prepare for your lecture. This will help you answer students’ queries and explain difficult concepts creatively, with simple examples.

  1. Using different strategies

Students can get bored when they read the same concepts again from the textbook or when you use the same method to explain them by writing on the blackboard. When the same concepts are taught differently, students find the subject interesting. You will see a group of interested and excited faces when you show videos related to the concepts in the textbook while teaching. Visual representations help in better retention power than before, for the students.

  1. Connectivity is the key

Social media is a great place to pick up creativity, if you know to use it properly. You can connect with various teachers in your country and across the world on social media platforms. Join these teachers’ groups to brainstorm ideas on how to improve creativity in the class. Read blogs of famous teachers to draw inspiration from them. You can attend online workshops and webinars to learn from the best in the field, and improve your creativity in the process.

  1. Bring a structure to the course

When a subject is explained like a story with all connecting links in place, students can understand the concepts clearly. In most conventional classroom sessions, teachers discuss their portion for the day; nothing more& nothing less. This tends to leave many unconnected dots open out there for the students. While they know how a certain process needs to be done, they may not know why it needs to be done. 

If you want to become a creative teacher, you should first arrange your entire lecture and course material coherently. While explaining, you should be able to draw links from our previous lectures, so that students can relate to the concepts very well. You can make your lecture sound like a well-constructed, interesting story when you follow this technique.

  1. Blend your hobby with teaching

Do you have a hobby or special talent like singing or playing a musical instrument? Make your class interesting by blending these hobbies with your teaching strategies. Your students are sure to be enthralled when they hear you sing out the concepts to them in an innovative way. In developed countries, many colleges and universities give their teachers full freedom to follow this technique.

  1. Share your creative ideas

Do you think you have some great teaching ideas that can entertain students? Please start your own blog or maintain a journal to capture these ideas, as and when they occur in your mind. When you share your creative ideas with other teachers in your institution, you can learn more from them. Sharing helps improve your creativity, as you can get to know about other ideas as well, other than yours.

  1. Surroundings matter

If you want to nurture your creativity, it is highly recommended that you stay with people, who are positive and open to learning. You should be around people who love challenges and don’t mind pushing themselves to meet those challenges. Avoid being around people who discourage you, or those who try to put you down by questioning your potential. Your environment can act as a great stimulus for your creativity.

  1. Keep working on your creativity

With new tools and technologies being introduced every day in the education field, you cannot afford to get complacent. What’s creative today maybe history tomorrow! Hence, it is important to keep your brain fresh and active. Keep practicing creativity in areas apart from teaching as well. Solve a lot of crossword puzzles, play brain-teasers, or learn a new skill to keep your brain fit and energetic always.

  1. Make your students creative

A creative teacher is one who inspires and encourages his students to be creative as well. Give enough opportunities to the students to find out the answers themselves after explaining the basic concepts. Let them come up with different solutions. Hear their explanations out and encourage them to think out of the box always. Always give them hypothetical situations and gauge their reactions, to help them think differently.

  1. Be sure of your techniques

It is alright to attend various workshops and connect with teachers to learn about creative teaching. However, at the end of the day, you have to follow the technique that is close to your heart. Unless you identify with your ideas personally, you will never be able to articulate them to your students. So, please choose ideas that you are passionate about to justify them in the class.

  1. Creativity is an ongoing process

As a teacher, you need to know that creativity is not something you should display to teach a particular concept. It should be an ongoing process, and you should look for every opportunity to show your creativity in every activity you do. You don’t have to limit your thinking just to teach; you can work on innovations in your other work such as devising the curriculum, choosing teaching tools, grading the students, giving them feedback, etc.

  1. Physical fitness is a must

Being physically fit is very important if you want to become a creative person. Physical fitness helps in reenergizing the mind. It helps you think differently. A famous quote goes this way – winners don’t do different things; they do things differently. Ensure that you go for a brisk walk or run for at least 30 minutes every day to keep your mind fatigue-free. This will help you think innovatively before you enter your class.

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